This Raises Your Salary @ Work & Sets You Up For Promotions

This is our premise:

As an employee, you have tons of resources available to you,
everything your employer owns, you can use but you need
to know how to get access to those resources:

Here’s an example of those assets:

  • Money: money flows freely high-value idea
  • Staff: imagine your co-workers working for you
  • Raw material: you have the raw material, add life to them
  • Machinery: ideas move machines, without ideas machines are dead
  • Processes: the processes are in place, bring your own innovations
  • Customers: your company has the customers, add products and services
  • Relationships: they have the relationships, they could also be yours
  • Products and services: you can add amazing things to their line
  • and on and on 

As employees, we don’t look at these assets as instruments
that could be at our disposal because of the conditioning we
have been put through years of schooling, job indoctrination,
and financial bondage. When I talk to people from all over
the world I hear the same stories:

  • This is the way things are
  • I have to wait for my boss to give me a raise
  • The economy is tough they can’t give me a raise
  • There’s nothing I can do but work harder and wait

It seems that no one is getting pay raises but the CEOs. Yet, the companies
are making money, many of them even more than before 2008 (financial crisis).

My dear friend, the minute you flip your “thinking” and look at yourself as
a creator, at that moment, you will start to raise your own salary. The Industrial
Revolution still has a strong hold on us however, our creative spirit sets us free
as soon as we realize the truth:

You can build the company you work for 100 times over! Any company

The first step is awareness…

The market is full of products and services that perpetuate the current job scheme:
resume services, salary calculators, headhunters, job agencies, etc. There’s very

little about every employee taking their salaries into their own hands and using
their intellect and ideation to create using their employer’s resources. You can
set up shop inside your boss’ company if you know how.

If you want to raise your own salary and not wait for your boss, manager or supervisor
to put a good “word” for you. If you want to learn how to raise your own paycheck at

work with just a minor shift, then you need to take a look at this resource here. If you
want to learn how to raise your own paycheck at work with just a minor shift,

I hope that you will make a commitment to yourself to raise your own salary at work,
simply because you can do it if you acquire the necessary skills.

I appreciate You


Carlos Roche
Author | Coach | Speaker
[email protected]

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