The 3 Most Important Factors In The Jobpreneur Concept!

The Three Most Important Factors In The Jobpreneur Concept!
Dear Friend!
This is my favorite topic, it's powerful.
I feel that it's so important and profound.
It has the amazing potential to transform
your life. And will, if you put into action!

I wish I could shoot up flare guns into the
sky and alert you before I tell you. Ready?!
Okay, here we go:
The three most important factors are:

1- People
2- Nature
3- Ideas
Really! and I really hope that you can
see it and understand it. Wealth on this  
planet only can be created where these  
three factors are together.
Why is this so important?! Well, I think  
it's important because we never learn this  
at school or in society. This clarity
changed my life.
I instantly started to look at everything
with a different perspective. I changed the
way I interacted with people, nature, and
my ideas.

Okay, let's look at each one one by one:


"We are bound to people from cradle to grave",
said Sonmi 451 in the movie Cloud Atlas.
If you have not seen that movie - and you like  
movies - I highly recommend it.People are just  
But when you work in corporate anywhere, not 
just in corporate America, this statement may   
not be so truthful.
As employees, we work in the middle of useful
resources. As we saw in yesterday;s email, we
have all these resources at our disposal, but  
we don't know how to access them, let alone,  
that we can access them.

Do you know what you need to access any of
those resources? Ideas. Bingo! You have them  
all day... for free. Friend, Let me ask you  
If you there was a proven system that reveals
to you the secrets to to raise your own salary,
would you plug and play?

People are the activators of ideas. We define
them, we shape them, we give them life and we
give them meaning. People, including yourself,
are the greatest assets you'll ever have access
Access is determined and regulated by the 
level of toxicity you allow to creep in  
between you and people around you: your  
By the way, your bosses are also co-workers.
This Jobpreneur concept levels the Plainfield
for everyone.You know what causes toxicity:  
lies, gossip, inconsistency, lack of integrity,  
dishonesty, and other behaviors and attitudes  
that don't advance any relationship. Stay  
clear of them.

"Nature always wears the colors of the spirit".
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wow! Ralph said best. Nature is all around us.
It gives us its wealth without any limitation.

All it asks is that we notice it, that we listen  
to its tunes. I have found that the most effective
way to listen to nature is to flip the Ego.

Instead of asking What's In it For Me? Ask
instead; What's In It For Them? Our Ego is
too loud, it clutters our senses with useless
noise about nothing.

When we flip it, we connect with nature. We  
connect with nature because people are nature,  
ideas are nature, plants are nature, the air,     
the ether, electricity in the air, everything  
all around us is nature and it wants to give  
us its wealth but we have to listen.
You don't need permission from your boss to  
use the fruits of nature. Its your birthright  
to do so. Use nature and everything around you 
to raise your salary. Listen, I know maybe you 
expected techniques and tips to raise your  
salary, however, stick with me.
This concepts and way of thinking will take
you not only to raise your salary but to live
a more abundant life. Practice it!

Great minds discuss ideas; average minds
discuss events; small minds discuss people.
Eleanor RooseveltThis.
Ideas are really something.
Execution is also important, however, that
will be a topic for future emails and videos.
Can you see clearly now why you have the
doors open to innovate at your job and you
don't need permission from your "superiors"?
Imagine this: you come up with an amazing
idea that could change the industry you're in,
you tell them about it (with proper protection
of course);

What will they say? We don't want it? Take it
to our competitor? No, thank you? Not likely,
ever. Every single company on the planet is
looking for an edge. Industry leader want to
stay there and industry laggards want to be

The leader wants to continue leading the way
and the company in the last place wants to be
the leader. I wish it was a little harder, a  
little more complicated, but it's not. It's  
that simple. Ideas, my Friend, ideas.
Ideas solve pressing problems, and solving
problems makes money. Ideas are free!

Money is free. But we need to start looking
at our jobs with brand new eyes. We have the
right to utilize everything our employer has,
however, let's keep in mind that every-

one is scanning the surroundings with...WIIFM?
in their hearts and minds. When you show up
and you flip your ego, then everything changes
and you become the most fascinating and
interesting person to be around.
Don't believe me! Try it!Oaky, what do you  
think? Let me know your thoughts on this!
If you want a brief report I wrote that
explains how I was able to raised my salary
at my job, then go HERE

I hope you have a nice day or night!
Your Job Is Your Risk-Free Money Making Lab!Take care!

Working for your personal and financial success


Carlos Roche
Author | Coach | Speaker
[email protected]

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