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Skill #4: Becoming a Jobpreneur

Have you ever wondered, Why are we employees?
Why are we forced to wake up early in the morning
and spend eight or ten hours stuck in an office or
other location doing things that we might love but
most likely, we hate? Remember schools, they are
just the forerunners to jobs.

Millions of people from all over the world go to
work every day. Many of these people love what
they do, many dislike what they do. Some jobs
are boring, other jobs are interesting. Regardless
of people’s opinions, there’s wealth in those jobs
because you can find the three things that create
wealth: people, ideas, and nature.

Okay, we got that part clear. Now how do you
become a Jobpreneur?! Simple. It’s a mind-shift.
You decide to become one. It’s like being happy.

You just decide to be happy and then all sorts of
happy memories start to flow through your mind
or exciting activities start to pop up in your head.
Things you can do to continue to be happy,
However, happiness started within you, without
needing anything from the outside.

Okay, but what is it that you decide to do?! You
decide to start looking at your job as a place
where you can create value beyond your job
requirements: remember the three areas to add
value to your employers’ company so that you
can make more money?

1- Helping The Company Increase Profits
2- Reducing Operation or Overhead Costs
3- Creating New Products or Services

These are the areas that you start looking at,
just like the CEO of the company. You don’t
permission, however, you need to clear the way.

You need to test the waters and see how the
company feels about that. They need your
help and your co-workers help. They won’t
tell you, many times because of pride or
hierarchical crap, but they need your help
like never before.

Remember, your raw material is ideas.
You have ideas all day long. All you need
is a system and this report has put one in
your hands. you have also joined our
community of Jobpreneurs to stay in
the loop, that’s good. 

If you start writing ideas, a combination of 
ideas, concepts, etc. you could come up with 
an idea that could potentially save your 
company or make you a millionaire out of 
your company.

How cool would that be?!

Here are some tips to help you along the way:
When your co-workers complain about something,
listen, take mental notes, scribble down whatever
ideas may come out of that complaint.

Think about specific problems the company has that
has not been able to solve. Companies are recognizing
the warning signs, so to speak. Many companies are
even outsourcing their R&D (Research and Development)

If you visit a website named:, you 
will find many companies that can’t solve their problems 
internally and go to this open source problem solving 
website to find help.

There are many new technologies your employers may
not know about. They don’t know everything. You might
even find products or services from other industries that
might enhance your company’s products or competitiveness
in the marketplace. There’s no limit to the possibilities when
you open your mind to the concept of being a Jobpreneur.