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Skill #3: Positioning

Positioning! Wow! This is pure power. Positioning is who you
are in the hearts and minds of people. If you think about it for
a second, you’d realize that you’re always positioning yourself
with everyone you meet on a daily basis.  

Think about great personalities of history: Mandela, Kennedy,
Jesus Christ, Martin Luther King Jr., Nikola Tesla and Gandhi.
All these great people positioned themselves as leaders on their
different areas and people came to know them and accept them
as consistent, inspiring, giving and most of all brave. No one
asks you if that is really your positioning when you’re acting in
society. They just see act and understand that that’s who you
are, that’s the way you are, that’s you.

Companies all over the world spend billions of dollars every
year protecting, enhancing or embellishing their brands. Why
do you think that is? It’s all about perception. It’s all about how
you are seen in the minds and hearts of the people you want
to influence. There’s a famous phrases that gores like this:
“There’s no second chance for a first impression”, they say,
well it’s true.

What most don’t know (including me years back) is that we
can engineer that first impression without any fraud or misleading
the people we want to interact with. If you are not truthful and
genuine in that first impression, the true you it’s going to come
out later on in your behavior. You can’t escape yourself for
very long.     

You can let your positioning be random when you interact with
people or you can take control of it. You can be intentional
about it, deliberate or just casual. Either way, you are going
to get a result. Create your positioning. How do you want people
to see you? I wanted people to see me as a resource at my job
and I accomplished that by giving nonstop. When you position
yourself like that, you become a ‘sweet’ person to be around.

People want to be around you, they want to be part of what you do.
They know that you mean well, they trust you. They see you as
transparent. No agenda. Never expect anything in return when
you give anything to someone. Just make yourself available to
help others.   

These strategies work, however, if you no one likes you at your
job, they will withhold information from you. They will not be
as helpful with you as you expect. Position yourself as a learning

Always say, I am a learning leader, I can only teach what
I learn and practice myself. I am an advancing woman. I am an
advancing man. I help everyone I meet grow 2 inches. I leave
them better than when I met them. I am a force of nature for
good in the lives of other, my own and my loved ones.