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Skill #2: Wealth Consciousness

You are wealthy. You are aware of wealth, however, if you’re not
experiencing wealth at this moment it’s because you are more
aware of something else: Lack Consciousness.

Please understand this, the systems of society of the world are
built on lack consciousness. The economists create lack consciousness.
The school system creates lack. The job system creates lack
consciousness. The churches lack consciousness. The news creates
lack consciousness. Everything around you creates lack consciousness.   
However, we are children of light. I am not talking God or religion here.
I am talking science. I am talking Quantum Physics. This is all documented
knowledge about not who we are, but what we are. What we are, is more
important than who we are. Who we are is just a bundle of emotions and
information, what we are, is power and God-like divinity. (Please replace
God with Buddha, Allah or whatever name god name you prefer.)

So, our societies force us into lack consciousness, however, we feel a natural
and powerful inclination towards wealth consciousness but we have forgotten
because all we see is lack. If you start practicing wealth consciousness, flipping
your ego, for example, you will start to see value or wealth everywhere. This is
why step #1 is so important. Don’t believe that if you help someone at your job
with some information you’re going to lose or not get what you desire, there’s
enough for everyone.

So practicing wealth consciousness is simply being aware of wealth. It’s knowing
that It’s everywhere you look. You can see it in your own house, you can see on
the street, you can see it in people, in nature, and in your ideas. Please don’t let
society confuse you when it comes to wealth and money. Money is nothing more
than a reflection, a tiny aspect of wealth. Wealth is the real deal. Wealth is the
core center where you want to operate from every day of your life.

Wealth is:
Feeling healthy from a vegan diet or balanced eating
Having enough money to cover your needs and beyond
Loving someone Feeling loved by that someone
A beautiful and soul-elevating sunset
A shiny and luminous sunrise
A beautiful song you enjoy listening to
A nice trip with friends or family
A happy moment regardless of what’s going on
A great idea to improve other people’s lives
A nice dinner at a nice restaurant
A Beautiful show on Broadway or any other theater strip
Being able to buy nice things for your wife, husband, girl/boyfriend

All this is wealth. Wealth is all the enjoyment you can derive from any activity.
Sometimes money is necessary, sometimes it’s not. Wealth is you. My kids and
I always have discussions about price, value and products and services. I always
tell them that nothing has a price, nothing is expensive or cheap; things have value
or they don’t.

Price has nothing to do with value. We give value to things and then we pay for
them in the agreed price. We are the value. My younger son Carlitos, he loves
Lamborghinis. Sometimes he says, “wow, it’s expensive” and I am always quick
to jump in and say: compared to what?

I always tell him comparative stories about someone having to exchange his
Lamborghini for a quarter to call his daughter or eat a meal because she can’t
eat the car. This wakes him up to the fact that everything is based on value,
not on price. So create insane value for you and everyone around you. It’s free,
you don’t have to pay for it. It’s in the air, like Nikola tesla driving his car in
New York with electricity from the ether, the air.

Take it. Use it. Give plentiful to everyone around you and it will come back
to you multiplied. Flip your ego, it’s the fastest way to go directly into wealth
consciousness because the ego is always looking for things you can use, the
thing is that you can’t pay yourself for the things that you find. You need
people to pay you with the currency we use in society: money.

I made sure that everyone that I came in contact with walked away two inches
taller: customer or co-worker. You don’t have to be a genius. If you’re reading
a book and you find something amazing, give it away. If you have an insight
about the job you do, share it. Never stop giving. I have some books left from
my bookselling days on Amazon, and I have this beautiful book for little girls
(by the way, if you have a daughter - below 15 – and you’re in New York and
you want one, just let me know), anyway, I digress.

I gave these books to everyone in the office for their nephews, nieces and/or daughters.
Become a giver and people will give you back. This attitude helped me gain the trust and
goodwill of everyone at my job. Please understand; this is not acting. If you don’t genuinely
like people and helping them grow, don’t waste your time with this information. It’s not
going to help you.

Also, please understand that you have to grow as a person. Reading is the best way to
acquire new information quickly, watch videos in websites like, Tedx Talks,, Youtube, and many others. Do something original. I - for example -
started reading and walking in my neighborhood (and other areas) whenever I need to
run an errand or go take the train to pick my kids from school.