Instant Gratification Kills Bigger Paydays & How I Raised My Own Salary By $25K!

Are We Living In A Society That Plants a Seed,
Waits 60 Seconds and Demands Fruits From
That Seed? Yes!, We are.

But not you & me! We both know that nature
doesn’t work that way. You know, lately, I have
been thinking a lot about Instant Gratification
and the way it affects our God-given power to
act and create.

Today, 2+2 is not 4 anymore, it’s 500. It’s a
new epidemic we’re in today. And it doesn’t
seem to be ending anytime soon. The fuel
that feeds this destructive trend is a man-made
force that’s present in:

Movies: with their one-hour plant, water, and

Credit Cards: with their “why wait?!” Get it
now, now is better, commercials.

Media: with their “TV Commercials, radio,
newspapers, the Internet always pushing the
instant gratification way of life.

These media outlets continue to sell us on
the idea that nature is too slow, too boring
and that we need speed in everything. We
press all kinds of process to speed up. We
wait impatiently by the microwave, wishing
those 60 seconds would move faster, etc.

But nature continues to prevail in every way.
Nature, of course, is a lot wiser than all of us.
Nature’s process of plant, water & harvest
will never be out style. If you try to skip
steps or cut corners it will come back to
hunt you.

Being patient is not popular today. But I
invite you to take a step back and look at
your life & loved ones. See your situation
in slow motion. Slow down your thought
process, insert into it the process of plant,
water and harvest.

I had to learn this lesson myself. Raising
my own salary at my job was a process of
discipline, self-discovery and plant, water
and harvest. However, when my boss put
that $25,000 dollar check in my hands,
suddenly everything seemed worth it.

The process requires dedication and
consistency. The fact that you’re still
reading tells me that you are committed
to becoming responsible for your own
salary. You don’t need permission to
get paid more at your job.

Haven read: ‘How To Hack Your Job’,
the report where I detail how I was able
to raise my own salary without asking
for a raise, instead I presented my boss
with the opportunity to solve a persistent
problem. You can take a look right HERE.

This report shows you the necessary steps
you need to take to ensure that you set up
shop at your job. It reveals the 4 skills
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you to 1) raise your own salary,
2) get promoted and, 3) get recognition
at your job.

I hope you have a nice day or night!

Your Job Is Your Risk-Free Money Making Lab!

Take care!

Working for your personal and financial success


Carlos Roche
Author | Coach | Speaker
[email protected]

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