How To Save Money For Your Employer and Raise Your Own Salary!

An employee from the matches company Swan, saw an 
opportunity to save money for the company and also to 
make some money for himself. 
He approached management and said: “If I can show you 
a way for you to save millions of dollars and it works, would 
you give a portion of the saving?” 

The company said “Yes”. So he organized a meeting with 
the company’s management and his lawyer and introduced 
his idea. 
He told them: “you’re spending a lot of money by putting the 
sandpaper on both sides of the box of matches, put it only on 
one side.” This simple idea saved the company millions over 
the years and helped this employee raised his salary beyond 
his wildest imagination.
As you can see it doesn't take a genius, but it takes an open
mind to new possibilities. It would have been easy for anyone 
else to just dismiss the ideas ( I assure that millions of 
employees from all over the world have had similar or better 
ideas) and just continue working with a sigh and a resignation
quasi consolation excuse: "they'll never listen to me."
But not for this Swan employee. He saw the opportunity and  
took it fast and best of all protected himself. Always protect  
How can you find ideas?! My friend, they're all over the place 
and they're free. There's an amazing book, you should get it. 
Its title: A Technique For producing Ideas, By James Webb Young.
You know your work better than me, better than anyone. Use it.
Turn the tables on your employer, use their resources to raise
your own salary.
I wish that for you from the bottom of my heart, if money is  
important to you. If it's not, make more money anyways and then
give it away!
There you have it my friend! Good Luck!
Your Job Is Your Risk-Free Money Making Lab! 

Take care!

Working for your personal and financial success 


Carlos Roche
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