He needed a raise. His boss refused. Every week was a Struggle. Money was tight. It was a stressful situation.

Carlos worked as a concierge at a hotel in New York. He was your typical worker, doing the best for his employer and waiting for a raise. In his early forties, Carlos had spent most of his life in the hotel industry.

In 2013 Carlos had an idea. Maybe, he thought, he could raise his own salary instead of waiting for his boss to do it for him. I spend 8 hours here everyday anyways, he thought.  >>> Why not kill the routine and use my mind? >>>

Problem was, Carlos was a concierge, not a businessman. So he started looking everywhere for information on how to raise his own salary at his job. Carlos couldn't find a single book to help employees take control of their salary at work. None. All the books were on career development and how to fix your resume.

Carlos started write down his ideas. They were just ideas, however, with every passing day Carlos got more and more intrigued about the idea. He asked himself: what is it that companies pay us to do? What moves the company? What keeps it alive? Why a few make so much money and while others make so little? These thoughts were constantly on his mind.

Carlos continued to make progress with his ideas and concepts. He even wrote a book on his ideas titled: Job, Inc. But those ideas needed to be tested and proven. He had already drafted some interesting ideas about the topic and he was thinking about how to approach his boss at the hotel. One day He did.

A Painful Realization

Carlos ideas didn't find fertile ground. His boss dismissed his ideas as inapplicable in the hotel setting. But Carlos was so full of this new and wonderful idea, that he couldn't stop thinking and talking about it.

Often, his co-workers would laugh at him. They were convinced that employees don't have the power, permission or the "authority" to raise their own salaries. But he continued writing his thoughts and in about 6 months he completed a book on the topic. The only book of its class in the world.

Carlos understand that he had to leave the hotel industry. And he did. So Carlos left the industry and went into sales. He started selling Life Insurance. By the time Carlos left the hotel Industry, he had finished writing his book.

The Secret Right Under Your Nose

Carlos dragged his ideas with him into his new job. After just a few months in his new job, Carlos talked to his new boss about the book and the ideas. This time his ideas found attentive ears. But it get even better. Carlos was

Carlos realized that when we have a job, we have resources at our disposal that we can access if we have the right key to unlock those resources. These resources can be: money, machinery, people, processes, products and services, connections, patents, systems, copyrighted procedures and more.

Carlos used his ideas to raise his own salary at his new job and now he wants to share how he did with you. He was earning $27,000 dollars a year and for that year, he got a raise of $25,000 dollars. He reveals every detail of how he did it in this amazing resource he put together.

How To Hack Your Job And Raise Your Own Salary Report

This is a concise report of exactly what Carlos did to raise his own salary. No fillers, no time wasting fluff. Just pure gems to help you raise your own salary and create a work environment of bliss, positive energy and harmony .

In The Report You'll Learn Exactly How To:

1- Use Your Positioning at Work
This is the way your coworkers, boss and supervisors perceive you. This is also how you perceive yourself. I'll share with you the secret-positioning you need to adapt to raise your salary at work.

2- Use Your Ego (We're going to flip it)
Your ego plays a major role when it comes to raising your own salary at your job. The ego is a me-me-me searching machine. It's always focused on the self. I'll show you how to flip it use it to raise your salary fast.

3- Use Your Wealth Consciousness (There's enough for everyone)
You'll understand how you can work with your own truth. You'll know deep down inside of you that you deserve wealth beyond your craziest and wildest dreams. But you're working in a framework that limits your wealth awareness and practicality. That framework is rigged against you. It's time to change the rules of the game.

4- Becoming a Jobpreneur
To become a jobpreneur, all you need is a simple mind-shift that will allow you to look at your job in a totally different way. Your job will become your personal lab to develop ideas and opportunities no one is seeing.

You Also Get The Following:

  • Unlimited Q&A Email 
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The Video Course: How To Raise Your Own Paycheck At Work. (5 Videos) (IMAGE)
The Book: Job, Inc. (Formats: Kindle, ePub and PDF) (IMAGE HERE)

These are other people who have raised their own salaries or had ideas that impacted their employer's bottomline. 



The opportunity to raise your own salary has always been there. Now with these 4 skills, when you're working for your boss, you'll also be working for yourself.

What People Have to Say About Carlos' Book: Job, Inc.

  • Chris Lee Vella SEO & Digital Executive / ANCHOVY, Malta.
    Chris Lee Vella SEO & Digital Executive / ANCHOVY, Malta. - Awesome book by Carlos. I'm a big fan of his ideas and most importantly how to get ahead of the usual "dead end" jobs. I'm sure this book will help anybody that is willing to get ahead in life and business. Chris Lee Vella SEO & Digital Executive / ANCHOVY
  • Donn Preister Founder and CEO / Fetchmates, New York. N. Y.
    Donn Preister Founder and CEO / Fetchmates, New York. N. Y. - This Book Nails It! If you follow the strategies in this book you'll make more money at your job, period. Carlos did it, you can do it too.
  • Kassie Gomez Office Rep / State Farm, New York
    Kassie Gomez Office Rep / State Farm, New York - "Job, Inc. will shock you, upset you and give you hope. The insights in this book are quite revealing. They point to the biggest scam in human history: Jobs. The insights also point to great opportunities, if we decide to wake up and start utilizing our employer's resources to our own advantage.

What People Have to Say About Carlos' Book: Job, Inc.

  • Sales Associate, / Long Island City Volkswagen, New York
    Sales Associate, / Long Island City Volkswagen, New York -
    If you're not advancing your career & your salary with the ideas in Job, Inc., then you're playing Russian Roulette with your job.
  • Umer Mushtaq UI/UX Desginer / System Rapid, India
    Umer Mushtaq UI/UX Desginer / System Rapid, India - This is not your typical book. It really makes you think about the Global Job Scheme and how people take part in it in a thoughtless way. Job, Inc. In my personal opinion is a very good read and can make you a lot of money if you're willing to look at your job in a different way.

How Much Is The Report?

 For your investment of $24.99 you'll receive a brief report where I detail how I was able to double my own salary at job after being there for just a few months. There are no recurring fees.

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The Video Course: How To Raise Your Own Paycheck At Work. (5 videos with Expanded Insights)
The Book: Job, Inc. (Formats: Kindle, ePub and PDF) (SEE IMAGE HERE)

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