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Frequently Asked Question

What Is The Jobpreneur Academy?

The Jobpreneur Academy is an educational platform that helps employees raise their own salary at work. Carlos, the founder, was able to raise his own salary by 84% and now he’s sharing the skills he used to do it with The Jobpreneur Community. Join Our Community HERE.

What Is A Jobpreneur?

A Jobpreneur is an employee who decides to use her employer’s resources: money, products and services, machinery, raw material, connections, staff (her co-workers), etc. to raise her own salary at work.

What the Foundation of the Jobpreneur Concept?

We base this concept on the fact that we are creators. We can get access to the only three forms of wealth on the planet. 1) People, 2) Nature, and 3) Ideas. You can have access to all three and the better your relationship with the three, the more wealth you can create for you and those around. Please keep in mind that wealth is not money, money is a tiny part of wealth as is everything beautiful and useful in the universe.

How Much Money Can I Make?

We can’t and don’t guarantee any type of income from our educational services. The one thing I can tell you is that the company you’re working for right now was once an idea in the mind of a human being just like you and me. You and I have ideas all day long, all we need is a proven system to help us navigate the process to raise our own salary at work.

Are Great Ideas Enough To Raise My Own Salary At Work?

No. great ideas alone won’t cut it. You need to have more Personal Capital invested in the company and the relationship with your employer. This personal capital can be built fairly quickly if you use the 4 skills I describe in a free report I wrote about the strategies I used to raise my salary.

You can get it for free HERE if you’re interested. If you have a toxic relationship with people at work, your ideas will find resistance and most could be shut down because of it. It’s human nature. We want to do business and be around people we like, know and trust. this will never change unless we turn human nature against ourselves.

What If I don’t Get Along With My Co-Workers?

When you become a Jobpreneur your aura changes completely and the negativity of your workplace won’t affect you anymore. The concept of Flipping Your Ego cures all toxicity in the workplace and the other three concepts help you raise your own salary at work. If you have not read my report on how I raised my own salary, you can get it HERE.

How Do I Protect My Ideas?

All the questions, comments and/or details you share with us while we’re working together to raise your salary at work is confidential and you are protected by a signed DNA. Everything you share with us belongs to you. EVEN THE IDEAS, CONCEPTS OR PROJECT we help you bring to light belong to you. We make absolutely no claim to your intellectual property.