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The Jobpreneur Academy Story

I wrote my first book Job, Inc. back in 2013 under the title: How to Turn Your Boss Into Your Employee. The title was radical. It scared people. It even scared me. So I changed it to Reset Your Job Mindset, but I found to be too philosophical. I strived for weeks to find a suitable title, until I came up with: Job, Inc. The idea is clear. Your job is a company, a set of tasks you can turn into more money for you and your loved ones.

There was only one problem. These ideas had not been tested or proven. The hotel industry’s mindset keeps the principles of the Industrial Revolution alive and kicking, so it turned out to be impossible to prove my ideas there, so I left. I needed a job where I could prove my ideas and get paid as a Jobpreneur.

I published the book on Amazon and for a couple of years, I did little to prove my the ideas. So by the end of 2016, I got a job at a State Farm Agency in Manhattan. As soon as I started my new job, I started to see opportunities to raise my own salary. I Started to apply strategies and ideas from my book and in just 5 months, I was able to present a project to my boss and got paid $25,000 on top of my yearly salary which was $30,000.

I am living proof that it is possible to raise your own salary. The company you work for started with one simple idea. We all have ideas every day. All we need is a system to raise our salaries. It’s possible. I did it. You can do it too! Stop asking or waiting for your boss to raise your salary!

About Carlos Roche

Carlos is the founder of The Jobpreneur Academy.  The Jobpreneur Academy exists to help employees raise their own salaries. Carlos was able to raise his own salary at his previous job, using 4 key skills that he teaches in this course you’re about access. 

Carlos is a Dreamer, published author, Father, and Visionary. He loves helping people grow their salaries at work. His book Job, Inc., is available on Amazon. HERE

The book presents innovative ideas and creates a different perspective about our relationship with our jobs. It offers groundbreaking strategies to raise your own salary at work using your employer’s resources: staff (your co-workers), money, products and services, machinery, connections, systems, patents and more…

If you have not read his short report: ‘How To Hack Your Job’, you don’t know what you’re missing! Grab It For Free HERE

The goal is to help you see the wealth hidden in your job, if you only decide to open your eyes. The company you work for right now was once a tiny idea, you have ideas all the time, let me show you how to use them to raise your own salary.

Me and My Wife, Mari
Hudson River, New York

Carlos Roche and His Family
Founder of The Jobpreneur Academy

Carlos Roche and His Sons

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