Those Who Initiate Change Have A Better Opportunity To Deal With The Inevitable.


We can’t be employees as usual in 2018. It’s not wise and
it’s even too risky. In my latest report which you can grab
for free HERE, I talk about the many threats lurking in the
‘job’ marketplace today.

Okay, now back to why you don’t want to be an employee in 2018.
I recently read an article in the Wall Street Journal that describes
what to expect in 2018 in terms of salary, you can read it HERE.

That’s just the salary part of the problem. More problematic is the
fact that as an employee, you have little leverage in your job, which
leaves you open to all kinds of threats from the inside and the outside.

When you become a Jobpreneur, you set your mind on becoming part
of the fabric of your employer’s company, you become the CEO of your
job. Your job permeates the whole organization. Believe it or not, what
you do is important. You are an insider. Use that to your advantage.

Think of this for a second and consider it. If you come up with a great
idea to save money, make more money or create new viable products
or services; what do you think your employer will say to you?

Go away?! You’re fired?! No! No! No! You’ll be their new HERO!

You’ll be welcomed at the big table where the big things happen. But for
this to happen, you have to stop playing the job game by your employers’
rules and start playing a different game, a bigger game. A game they can’t
box you into to limit your salary and continue to make 10 to 20 times your
yearly salary on your sweat equity.

I didn’t raise my own salary through saving money for my boss, however,
there’s a little story about someone who did just that for match company
Swan. You can read more about it HERE. This stuff is real.

The Question Isn’t Who’s Going to Let Me, It’s Who Is Going to Stop Me. – Ayn Rand –

If all this resonates with you, then go and get my new report. It’s free and it
will give you unique and practical information you can use the next day at
your job. Go ahead, get it HERE

In that short report, I also reveal 4 skills I used to raise my own salary by 84%.
It was a pretty amazing feeling, however, what was even more amazing was
the fact that I was able to increase my value to my boss exponentially and position
myself as a Jobpreneur. A jobpreneur is someone who has decided to look at her
job with a brand new perspective, a CEO of her job.

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Remember: Your Job Is Your Risk-Free Money Making Lab!

Take care!

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