4 Familiar Skills You Use Everyday Helped Me Raise My Job-Salary By 84%!

Psssst... Let me let you in on a secret!

You can raise your own salary, if you want to.
Let me share with you how I was able to raise 
my own salary at my job using the 4 skills I
will write about here.
You can use them, they work.
Skill #1
We hear people talk about the ego all the time 
but few people ever talk about the feeding 
mechanism our ego uses to grow and get stronger 
every day. I thought about it and I realized 
that our ego is created from our senses. 

Think about it. 
The simplest way to explain the Ego is by saying 
that the Ego is a sense of SELF. How do we create 
our sense of self? Through information. How do we 
capture that information that creates our ego?
Using our senses! 
Namely: Sight, Smell, Touch, Taste and Hearing. 
This is a system of search. This system is always 
in search mode. The search is named: WIIFM or 
What’s in it for me? 
To make our ego useful we need to flip it. 
Instead of asking what's in it for me? We
need to ask, what's in it for them? Once we 
flip our ego to work this way, we release its 
natural force into the universe where it 
constinously works to improve other people's
lives and automatically our own.
Don't belive! Try for yourself!
Skill #2: Wealth Consciousness 
You are wealth. You are aware of wealth; 
however, if you’re not experiencing wealth 
at this moment, it’s because you are more 
aware of something else: Lack of wealth 
Please understand this, the systems of 
society of the world are built on a lack 
of consciousness. The economists create 
lack of resources. The school system 
creates lack of initiative, creativity 
and self-esteem. The job system creates 
and perpetuates lack of prosperity. 

The health system creates lack of health 
consciousness. The news creates lack of 
peace and harmony. Everything around you 
creates lack of, lack of wealth and this 
way your value (and my value) creation 
is diminished systematically.
So, our societies force us into lack of 
consciousness; however, we feel a natural 
and powerful inclination towards wealth 
consciousness but we have forgotten 
because all we see is lack.
If you start practicing wealth consciousness 
flipping your Ego, for example - you will 
start to see value or wealth everywhere. 
This is why step #1 is so important. Don’t 
believe that if you help someone at your 
job with some information you’re going to 
lose or not get what you desire - there’s 
enough for everyone. 
So, practicing wealth consciousness is simply 
being aware of wealth. It’s knowing that it’s 
everywhere you look. You can see it in your 
own house, you can see it on the street, you 
can see it in people, in nature and in your 
Please don’t let society confuse you when
it comes to wealth and money. Money is 
nothing more than a reflection, a tiny aspect 
of wealth. Wealth is the real deal. Wealth 
is the core center where you want to operate 
from everyday of your life. 

Skill #3: Positioning 
Positioning! Wow! This is pure power. 
Positioning is who you are in the hearts 
and minds of people. If you think about it 
for a second, you’d realize that you’re 
always positioning yourself with everyone 
you meet on a daily basis.
Think about great personalities of history: 
Mandela, Kennedy, Jesus Christ, Martin Luther 
King Jr., Nikola Tesla and Gandhi. All these 
great people positioned themselves as leaders 
of their different areas and people came to 
know them and accept them as consistent, 
inspiring, giving and, most of all, brave. 

No one asks you if that is really your 
positioning when you’re acting in society. 
They just see, act and understand that that’s 
who you are, that’s the way you are, that’s you.
In a brief report I wrote you can get the whole 
picture to start rasing your salary too. 

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Skill #4: Becoming a Jobpreneur
Have you ever wondered: Why are we employees? 
Why are we forced to wake up early in the morning 
and spend eight or ten hours stuck in an office 
or other location doing things that we might love 
but, most likely, we hate? Remember schools, they 
are just the forerunners to jobs.
Millions of people from all over the world go to 
work every day. Many of these people love what 
they do, many dislike what they do. Some jobs are 
boring; other jobs are interesting. Regardless of 
people’s opinions, there’s wealth in those jobs 
because you can find the three things that create 
wealth: people, ideas and nature. 
Okay, we got that part clear. Now, how do you become 
a Jobpreneur? Simple. It’s a mind-shift. You decide 
to become one. It’s like being happy. You just decide 
to be happy and then all sorts of happy memories start 
to flow through your mind or exciting activities start 
to pop up in your head. Things you can do to continue 
to be happy; however, happiness started within you, 
without you needing anything from the outside.   
 Okay, but what is it that you decide to do? You decide 
to start looking at your job as a place where you can 
create value beyond your job requirements: remember - 
the three areas to add value to your employers’ company 
so that you can make more money: 
 1- Helping the company increase profits
 2- Reducing operation or overhead costs
 3- Creating new products or services 
 These are the areas that you start looking at, just 
like the CEO of the company. You don’t need permission; 
however, you need to clear the way. You need to test 
the waters and see how the company feels about that. 
They need your help and your co-workers help. They won’t 
tell you because of pride or hierarchical crap, but they 
need your help like never before.
 Remember, your raw material is ideas. You have ideas all 
day long. All you need is a system and this report has put 
one in your hands. You have also joined our community of 
Jobpreneurs to stay in the loop; that’s good. If you start 
writing ideas, combinations of ideas, concepts, etc., you 
could come up with an idea that could potentially save your 
company, or make you a millionaire. How cool would that be?!
There you have it my friend! If you want to read the whole 
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