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Awesome book by Carlos. I'm a big fan of his ideas and most importantly how to get ahead the the usual "dead end" jobs. I'm sure this book will help anybody that is willing to get ahead in life and business.
Chris Lee Vella
SEO & Digital Executive / ANCHOVY
This Book Nails It! If you follow the strategies in this book you'll make more money at your job, period. Carlos did it, you can do it too.
Donn Preister
Founder and CEO / Fetchmate, New York. N. Y.
This is not your typical book. It really makes you think about the Global Job Scheme and how people take part in it in a thoughtless way. Job, Inc. In my personal opinion is a very good read and can make you a lot of money if you're willing to look at your job in a different way."
Umer Mushtaq
UI/UX Desginer / System Rapid, India
"If you're not advancing your career & your salary with the ideas in Job, Inc., then you're playing Russian Roulette with your job.
Victor Herrera
Sales Associate, / Long Island City Volkswagen
"Job, Inc. will shock you, upset you and give you hope. The insights in this book are quite revealing. They point to the biggest scam in human history: Jobs. The insights also point to great opportunities, if we decide to wake up and start utilizing our employer's resources to our own advantage.
Kassie Gomez
Office Rep / State Farm, New York

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